At the moment, our company is actively expanding its presence in the regions, and therefore we are considering distributors for cooperation.

We are manufacturers and we offer you our top, diverse positions for distribution, at the most favourable price.

We work out the terms of cooperation and their details individually with each partner company.

We offer a really liquid product, that is, high-quality products that we produce and import ourselves, and we are actively expanding the range and giving the distributor the opportunity to choose the positions that are suitable for him.

Logistics. Warehouses in Moscow and Kazan enable optimal solutions for product delivery.

Marketing. Providing products for conducting promotions, retrobonuses, listing conditions, and so on. In practice, we often listen to our partners, relying on their experience and established traditions in the region.

Motivation. We understand that the launch of a new product on the market must be accompanied by the support of the manufacturer and therefore we are ready to consider options for motivating sales staff, representatives of retail outlets.

Training of the partner company’s team to work with our products includes:

  • theoretical classes;
  • joint work of the curator and the sales representative;
  • selective participation in negotiations with the decision-maker;
  • curatorship is the structured work of our representative with the distributor;
  • POS-materials – we provide the essential materials for work, we make them if necessary.