Arabic Group is a manufacturing company, that has created a successful business in the confectionery market segment

Our trademarks are: FINDI, TROPIC FRUITS, SULTAN.

Today we are focused on exporting products to all countries of the world, as according to experts, the demand potential of our products is high in different regions.

Our products were awarded the prestigious international award “For Excellent Taste” Superior Taste Award in 2019. We supply our products throughout Russia and the CIS countries. More than 500 large wholesale buyers and distributors in different countries cooperate with us.

We produce quality food products with excellent taste. We use only natural ingredients that do not contain GMOs. There is also a line of products suitable for people who adhere to proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, as well as for diabetics.

The company has more than 4000 sq.m. of its own warehouses and production sites, perfectly equipped for the manufacturing, storage and transportation of raw materials and finished products.

The format of cooperation with us is convenient for large distributors, trading companies and medium and small businesses representatives.

We provide:

  • Selected Arab dates, without preservatives and chemical treatment;
  • Candy date with almonds in chocolate or confectionery glaze;
  • Coconut, peanut and raisin candies based on condensed milk;
  • Dragees – nuts, berries and fruits in confectionery glaze;
  • Apple pastille and crackers based on it without adding sugar;
  • Natural peanut paste, coconut paste and butter without additives and without sugar;
  • Natural date syrup, capsules based on natural herbal ingredients and other products.

We are interested in:

  • Contracts with distributors importing Russian food products;
  • Contracts for the supply of our products to retail chains working with food;
  • Contracts for the supply of cafes and restaurants;
  • Participation in international food exhibitions and forums;
  • Participation in online events-meetings with potential customers (distributors, representatives of retail chains, ethnic networks, etc.);
  • Participation in tenders for the supply of confectionery.

We are not interested in:

  • Participation in face-to-face and online events-meetings with exporters looking for customers in Russia;
  • Participation in events, tenders, etc., not related to our industry and the specifics of our product.

We are ready:

  • To expand production when working with large orders;
  • To the manufacturing of products under the customer’s brand (Private Label);
  • To expand the product line in coordination with the customer;
  • To undergo industry certification of the product and production according to the standards of the importing country, if necessary;
  • To agree on any other conditions in an individual “flexible” manner.